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We offer you pre-installed open source NAS based on the Raspberry Pi 4 board with the Open Media Vault software installation. The operating system runs on the Debian Linux distribution. The NAS is ready for use at your home or small business. Just install any 2.5" internal or external disks (or choose preinstalled option with 2x4TB disks) and create your shared folders according to your preferences. Up to four 2.5" disks are supported. Ideal solution to store and share your photos, videos, backups and other data over your internal network. Scheduled backup to second disc via rsync is recommended to protect your data against deletion or crypto attack.

Note: You need to use SATA->USB 3.0 cable to use with 2,5" internal discs. At this time, Raspberry Pi 5 doesn't provide significant pros to use it with 2,5" HDD. 



aluminium case - black mate

indication blue LED (can be deactivated)

without active fan - noise free

weight without discs 1,2 kg

compact dimensions 19,6 x 19,6 x 7,4 cm


reusable for many other projects

low power consumption without discs ~ 5 W

easy upgrade - upgrade one part to get higher model

easy replacement of parts - do not need to buy new product if any part fails


up to 4 internal 2,5" disks (20TB)

combination of external disks, SSD, flash disks

1x powered USB 3.0 port for external devices


Pi-NAS Package


Pi-NAS with Raspberry Pi 4 B+ 2 GB

High Durability 32 GB SD card with preinstalled Open Media Vault

Power adapter 12V/3A (36W)

2m LAN cable

20x HDD screws, 4x tightening strips, additional internal disks holder


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